Mandell Place March 2013 Newsletter

We’re reviving the monthly newsletters and putting them online for you to view.  Hope you enjoy the updated format, and let us know what stories you’d like to see in the upcoming newsletters!  Here you go: March 2013

One thought on “Mandell Place March 2013 Newsletter

  1. I am sure by now everyone realizes their water rates went up 8.9%. Hopefully, people will take the time to e-mail our at-large city council members, Ms. Cohen, and Mayor Parker to protest the ever-increasing water rates. We are as conservative as we can be, yet the bill is still $50+ a month. Where do these annual rate increases come from? The rate of inflation is NOT 8.9%. We have Rebuild Houston. We have the drainge fee. We have very high property taxes. We have all the bond issues that passed in the last election. We have very high water rates. Honestly, where does it stop?

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