Mandell Place Deed Restrictions Update


Mandell Place Civic Association is working with the neighborhood to add a new layer of  deed restrictions to enhance those originally drafted in 1923.  The major additions are a 37′ height restriction, 3′ side setback and additional language ensuring residential land use within our borders.   This new layer will in no way reduce the power, scope or impact of the original deed restrictions. 

Pictured above is a building under construction in the 1300 block of Kipling Street.  It is a towering three and a half story structure.  The city land use is classified as a ‘Religious Exempt’ building planned to house members of the Congregation of the Mission.  There are no provisions in our existing deed restrictions to prevent a similar building in Mandell Place.  New height restrictions and specific language for RESIDENTIAL land use will prevent this type of development. 

At a general meeting in April, residents expressed interest in language to allow ‘garage apartments’ not specifically over a detached garage, (eg. separate ground level guest cottage or apartment on the side of the garage).  Residents also requested a provision to ensure care givers and/or nannies would be allowed and not considered renters.

The civic association goal is to represent the desire of the members and protect the neighborhood.  We took your ideas to our attorney and made changes to the deed restrictions allowing garage apartments/guest quarters not specifically above a garage and an allowance for care givers and nannies. 

The FINAL DRAFT is available for review by clicking the link below:

Mandell Place Deed Restrictions 2011 (pdf)

Each resident will require a notarized signature.  Signature events, along with the opportunity to discuss the new deed restrictions with MPCA board members, will be announced throughout the year.