Mandell left out of Houston’s expansion of automated recycling service

Fellow Mandell Place Residents,

The Chronicle published this past Friday the 46 neighborhoods that will be receiving these beautiful 90 gallon recycling bins with automated curbside service to begin in July:











In the meantime, we are stuck with these:

Recycle Bins 0624071A

If you don’t like this, please email  If we make enough noise, we increase our chances of being included in the next round of neighborhoods that will be chosen in October.

When you email them, it’s important to identify yourself with the following information:

neighborhood name- (Mandell Place), boundaries (Mulberry/Dunlavy/Westheimer/Alabama)  and an approximate number of homes (200).

This is a good way for us to test the waters on how unified we are in how well we can mobilize.  We may just be talking about recycling this time around, but if we can come together on token issues such as this one, mobilizing about future issues of more dire circumstances can become easier.



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