Participate in Neighborhood Security

The Houston Police Department has continually encouraged all residents to play a part in neighborhood security.  If you have a true emergency requiring immediate attention, CALL 911

For non-emergency numbers (eg. suspicious activity, abandoned cars, loud noises, etc) HPD asks you to call the Central Dispatch number 24/7.  The nearest unit will be sent.  713-884-3131    HPD tracks repeat calls from an address or block.  Be specific about the address (best) or block.  Recurring calls to a specific address are most likely to prompt an HPD investigation.

For recurring neighborhood issues, contact the Montrose HPD storefront during normal business hours:  713-284-8604

Everyone in the neighborhood can play an active role in our security with the help of HPD.  Do not confront a suspicious character.  Leave this to the police.

HPD Positive Interaction Program (PIP) Holiday Party 12/6 7p

Houston Police Department Central PIP will host a holiday party 7 pm December 6th at 1602 State Street, on the western edge of downtown.  PIP provides citizens exposure and interaction with the police through monthly meetings.  The Central PIP includes Mandell Place.  HPD and their Montrose store front have been great friends and advocates for Mandell Place.  Office Pate oversees the HPD Montrose storefront.  See his email below for details and his invitation.  The PIP meetings are always interesting and informative.  Show your support of local police at this annual event.

PIP Background:  In 1982, out of the patrol division came the idea that citizens also need to know more about their police department before a crime occurred in their neighborhood. From this idea came the concept of the Positive Interaction Program, “PIP.”  The Positive Interaction Program holds monthly PIP meetings featuring speakers from different divisions (Burglary and Theft, Homicide, K-9, Helicopters, etc.) explaining how their division operates. This is done so citizens will know what to expect, should they ever need the police. The Program has proven to be an overwhelming success.

From: wayne pate <>
To: Wayne Pate <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 2:25 PM
Subject: Dec 6, 7pm CENTRAL PIP
Please don’t forget December 6, 7pm our Central PIP Holiday Get Together.  I’m really expecting to see you there.  I have been doing some BIG TIME talking to venders and getting some nice food for us.   I always have left overs.  I don’t want to have to throw anything away.  So that means that you will have to come on a empty stomach and eat.

Last year, we had some lamb over rice from Alladins.  Cabbage rolls, stuffed from Niko Nikos,  Greek Pizza,  Sandwiches from Barry Katz’s Pasta from Michaelangelos and Sorrentos.  And thats not all.  You missed out on some real good food.

Officer Mark Leija and myself are looking to have a nice turn out of our citizens.   We both try real hard to do the best that we can for 1 and 2 district.  And this is our way of saying Thank You to all of you.   So you better be there.  hahahah

MPCA National Night Out Tues 10/04 Thanks!


National Night Out


Catered by Pappasito’s

1651 Kipling Street – 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Many thanks to Charles Lambert for arranging and hosting the Mandell Place 2011 National Night Out.  It was a great event catered by Pappasito’s with perfect weather.  About 100 Mandell Place residents were on hand for the evening.
















HEB Traffic Meeting Notice Monday 5/23 – 6:30p

Meeting Notice

Community Forum on TOTAP Restrictions on W. Alabama

Monday, May 23, 2011, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Nave, 1805 W. Alabama


Dear Mandell Place Neighbors,

Next week we are all invited to participate in a community forum with the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering Department to discuss potential changes to traffic restrictions on West Alabama.

Today, trucks over two axles are prohibited from using W. Alabama –referred to as the “TOTAP” restriction. As a result, delivery trucks to Fiesta, and H-E-B in the future, are routed down Richmond Ave. and Dunlavy.  H-E-B has asked the City to consider lifting the TOTAP restriction to permit deliveries to be routed down W. Alabama.  CoH Public Works and Engineering has indicated that there is no reason, from a traffic engineering standpoint, to maintain the restriction; however, they would like to hear from the community most immediately impacted by a potential change.  In addition to Winlow Place, Lancaster Place, Mandell Place, and Dearborn Place have been invited to participate.  Representatives of H-E-B will also be at the meeting.

The May 23rd meeting will be an opportunity to hear more about what is proposed and discuss the pros and cons.  (Many residents of Lancaster Place, for example, would favor having delivery trucks diverted to W. Alabama, rather than traveling directly through their neighborhood on Dunlavy.)  It’s also a good opportunity to ask questions and voice your concerns about these and other traffic/mobility issues related to upcoming development in our neighborhood.



   Tuesday October 5th 6-8 p.m.

   1537 Harold Street (at Mandell)


Join the neighborhood for National Night Out.  Mandell    Place    Civic Association will host the event at the corner of Harold and Mandell Streets.  Drinks and snacks will be provided.  As always, your favorite treats are welcome to share! 

Established in 1983, this event heightens crime prevention, generates support for crime prevention, strengthens neighborhood-police partnerships and provides the opportunity to meet your neighbors.   

Volunteers are needed for Citizens on Patrol, a neighborhood watch manned by residents and supported by the Houston Police Department.  We need 10-20 participants to patrol a combined total of 30 hours per week.  Details at the meeting. 

Call HPD central dispatch  713-884-3131 if you see or hear anything suspicious.  We can be a great asset to neighborhood security.  Store the phone number in your cell phone.

MPCA General Meeting 9/13/10 7:00p Security/Deed Restrictions

The Mandell Place Civic Association will hold a general meeting Monday September 13th at 7:00p.  The meeting will be held at the Bering Church Room 108-A.  Officer Wayne Pate from the Montrose HPD storefront will be on hand to discuss security in our neighborhood.  Everyone is encouraged to attend in a unified effort to keep crime out of Mandell Place.   

The second half of the meeting, expected to last an hour, will include a discussion of our existing deed restrictions and proposed additions to preserve the residential integrity of our neighborhood.  The board will present considerations for side setbacks, rear setbacks, height restrictions, front yard fence standards, number of units per lot and making the minimum lot size permanent.  Your ideas and input and encouraged in an effort to maintain the charm of our neighborhood.

July HPD PIP (Positive Interaction Program) Meeting

The July HPD PIP meeting for the central division, including Mandell Place, was held July 28th.  Captain Holloway provided crime stats comparing January through June 2009 to 2010.  Crime rates have remained basically unchanged with the exception of Burglary Motor Vehicle (BMV).  BMV involves illegal entry into a car with a resulting theft.  BMV rates are up about 30% this year.  Along with Capt. Holloway,  Sergeant Engles, HPD Burglary and Theft Division supervisor, provided information regarding investigations and prevention. 

Both men stressed the importance of an involved neighborhood.  Observant neighbors who contact the police (713-884-3131 non-emergency or 911 emergency) provide the best defense.  The majority of burglary and theft in residential neighborhoods occurs during the daytime hours when people are at work.  If you see or hear anything unusual, please contact HPD through the non-emergency dispatch number.  Tips from neighbors, for example, descriptions of suspicious individuals or license plate numbers, often provide the missing link to catch and convict criminals.

Sergeant Engles encouraged everyone to create a detailed list of expensive items including model and serial numbers.  Serial numbers are critical.  If you happen to be the unfortunate victim of crime, the more detail and description of stolen property provided greatly increases the likelihood of your property being returned and the conviction of the thief.  Walk your dogs, walk in the neighborhood and work in your yards.  Neighbors outside during daylight hours are a great deterrent for opportunistic criminals.  If thieves know neighbors are watching, they will take their troubles elsewhere. 

We have the power to keep our neighborhood safe.  Never leave ANY personal items visible in your car.  It only takes a few seconds to break a window and grab your belongings.  Keep an eye on your house and the neighborhood.  HPD wants you to call the non-emergency dispatch phone number 713-884-3131  if you hear or see anything suspicious.   Let’s make this a safe summer!

File a Police Report Online

Click on this link to send a police report: File a Report purpose of this form is to allow Houston citizens to conveniently file police reports from home, work, or anywhere with Internet access. After completing the necessary information you will receive an actual incident number, and you will be able to print the report for your records.

This web site should never be used to report an emergency, a crime in progress, or any type of injury. For emergencies, call 9-1-1. For any other situation that requires the response of a police officer, call 713-884- 3131 .

Before continuing, you should be aware that it is a crime to make a false police report. You should also know that this form CAN ONLY be used to report a limited, specific set of crimes (as listed below *) and only under certain conditions. (We will be adding additional crime categories in the future).

* This form CAN ONLY be used to report:

  • Theft (under $5,000 in value, Non-vehicle Related) with no suspects or witnesses. If the total value of items is greater than $5,000, you cannot use this form. (Example: Your bicycle is stolen from your front yard.)
  • Criminal Mischief (under $5,000 in damage, Non-vehicle Related) – Non-vehicle Related (such as vandalism or property damage) with no suspects and no witnesses. (Example: Someone intentionally damaged your property.)

And, you can ONLY use this form if:

  • You have access to a valid, functioning e-mail address.
  • You are the actual victim of the theft, loss, or criminal mischief (not a witness, relative, friend, etc.)

This form CANNOT be used if:

  • The Crime / Loss / Incident occurred outside the city limits of Houston, Texas.
  • Any evidence exists (such as fingerprints, burglary tools left at the scene, any type of evidence, or anything that must be collected or processed by the police.)
  • Suspect information exists (such as a license plate number, surveillance photos, or a physical description of the suspect.)
  • An emergency exists. (In an emergency, dial 9-1-1.)
  • If any type of force or break-in occurred (Contact 713-884-3131 to report burglary or burglary of a motor vehicle).
  • If any injuries occurred.
  • This form CANNOT be used to report a stolen vehicle (Contact 713-884-3131 to report auto theft).

Your responses to the questions on the next several screens will help ensure that your incident is eligible for an online police report.


The eyes and ears of all Mandell Place residents are the most thorough means of keeping our neighborhood safe.  If you see or hear anything unusual, please call the Houston Police Dept. (HPD) non-emergency number 713-884-3131.  Store this number in your cell phone and have it near a phone in your house. 

The post below was forwarded by HPD Officer Wayne Pate.  It sheds some light on how criminal minds work and how we might make our homes and daily lives safer.  The information was provided by convicted burglars in North Carolina , Oregon , California , and Kentucky ; security consultant Chris McGoey, who runs; and Richard T. Wright, a criminology professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis , who interviewed 105 burglars for his book Burglars on the Job



1. Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters, or delivering your new refrigerator.

2. Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier.

3. Love those flowers. That tells me you have taste … And taste means there are nice things inside. Those yard toys your kids leave out always make me wonder what type of gaming system they have.

4. Yes, I really do look for newspapers piled up on the driveway. And I might leave a pizza flyer in your front door to see how long it takes you to remove it.

5. If it snows while you’re out of town, get a neighbor to create car and foot tracks into the house. Virgin drifts in the driveway are a dead giveaway.

6. If decorative glass is part of your front entrance, don’t let your alarm company install the control pad where I can see if it’s set. That makes it too easy.

7. A good security company alarms the window over the sink. And the windows on the second floor, which often access the master bedroom-and your jewelry. It’s not a bad idea to put motion detectors up there too.

8. It’s raining, you’re fumbling with your umbrella, and you forget to lock your door-understandable. But understand this: I don’t take a day off because of bad weather.

9. I always knock first. If you answer, I’ll ask for directions somewhere or offer to clean your gutters.  

10. Do you really think I won’t look in your sock drawer? I always check dresser drawers, the bedside table, and the medicine cabinet.

11. Here’s a helpful hint: I almost never go into kids’ rooms.

12. You’re right: I won’t have enough time to break into that safe where you keep your valuables. But if it’s not bolted down, I’ll take it with me.

13. A loud TV or radio can be a better deterrent than the best alarm system. If you’re reluctant to leave your TV on while you’re out of town, you can buy a $35 device that works on a timer and simulates the flickering glow of a real television. (Find it at


1. Sometimes, I carry a clipboard. Sometimes, I dress like a lawn guy and carry a rake. I do my best to never, ever look like a crook.

2. The two things I hate most: loud dogs and nosy neighbors.

3. I’ll break a window to get in, even if it makes a little noise. If your neighbor hears one loud sound, he’ll stop what he’s doing and wait to hear it again.  If he doesn’t hear it again, he’ll just go back to what he was doing. It’s human nature.

4. I’m not complaining, but why would you pay all that money for a fancy alarm system and leave your house without setting it?

5. I love looking in your windows. I’m looking for signs that you’re home, and for flat screen TVs or gaming systems I’d like. I’ll drive or walk through your neighborhood at night, before you close the blinds, just to pick my targets.

6. Avoid announcing your vacation on your Facebook page. It’s easier than you think to look up your address.

7. To you, leaving that window open just a crack during the day is a way to let in a little fresh air. To me, it’s an invitation.

8. If you don’t answer when I knock, I try the door. Occasionally, I hit the jackpot and walk right in.