National Night Out a Success!

image3Many thanks to all of our neighbors that joined us for NNO! We had over 60 neighbors attend and we got to visit with our Constable Patrol team as well as our local HPD officers.

Special thanks to our gracious host, Angie, for allowing us to meet at her beautiful home.image4








Stay tuned for details for our next event, the New Member Social, in January.


Join us for National Night Out October 6th at 6pm!


Join us for National Night Out on Tuesday, October 6th from 6-8pm at 1623 Marshall with fajitas catered by Pappasito’s!

Our local HPD officer will attend as well as a representative from the Harris County Constable’s office.  This is a great time to meet your neighbors and enjoy some delicious food!  Make sure you arrive early as the delicious fajitas tend to go fast!  We are looking forward to seeing you there!

You’re invited to the Mandell and Winlow Place Social + Constable Patrol Event Tomorrow!

When:  Thursday, July 9th 6:30 – 8:30pm

Where: 1518 Marshall Streetbills place

Get together to eat, drink and share with our Mandell-Winlow neighbors. Constable Rosen’s office will be on hand to discuss neighborhood safety & security – and you may sign up for the security service at this event as well! If you are unable to attend, you may also sign up for the security service via their website here:

Houston hurricane Preparedness Resources 

Fellow neighbors, as we enter hurricane season, here are some useful resources we can utilize to assure preparedness. 
Downloadable guide on what to consider:

Houston Disaster Preparedness Guide

Evacuation Routes

Official updates from City 

City of Houston Emergency Information

When the power goes down: 

Power outage and resolution tracking

Monitor and Forecast: 

NOAA radar and forecasting

Radio Options 

Weather Radios
Status on flight activity/delays 
Airport Status

If you might need assistance should an evacuation occur, pre-register with city: 

Evacuation Assistance Pre-Registration

Join us for National Night Out on October 6th at 6pm


National Night Out is Tuesday, October 6.  Please join your Mandell Place neighbors at our annual MPCA National Night Out event catered by Pappasito’s on Tuesday from 6-8 pm at 1623 Marshall.  Our local HPD officer will attend as well as a representative from the Harris County Constable’s office.

This is a great time to meet your neighbors, and enjoy some delicious food.  Get there early as the fajitas tend to go fast! We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Don’t forget to show up tomorrow !

The 2014 District C Capital Improvements Meeting is tomorrow at the West Gray Multi-Service Center. We really need to rally the troops and get as many people there as possible. Please spread the word… for the LOVE OF MONTROSE.

Click here to see what they are proposing to fix at this time.

It’s not realistic to get your *favorite* pothole fixed, or even a well-deserving side street. What we need to convey is that we are there on behalf of the Montrose arteries – Westheimer, Alabama, etc. Think of all the hours you spend on these streets; please encourage your neighbors and friends to take an hour or two from their busy schedules and show up!

From Kelly DeHay:

Our streets affect us all. Our taxes all went up 10 per cent last year and I am prepared for a 5 to 10 per cent increase this year. We need to fight for Montrose. I can’t tell you how often people comment on our streets when I am out showing property.


Wednesday, March 5, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
District C – CM Ellen Cohen

Metropolitan Multi-Service Center (Gym), 1475 W. Gray

1500 Hawthorne Permit Parking Implemented

Permit parking signs are up on the 1500 block of Hawthorne Street.  A large volume of street parking on most evenings and late night noise from people walking to the cars after an evening of libations lead the block to apply for permit parking.  The entire neighborhood should pay attention to changes in street parking as overflow from the local restaurants, bars and shops relocate to other blocks.  Keep the civic association aware of any signficant changes via email:

Participate in Neighborhood Security

The Houston Police Department has continually encouraged all residents to play a part in neighborhood security.  If you have a true emergency requiring immediate attention, CALL 911

For non-emergency numbers (eg. suspicious activity, abandoned cars, loud noises, etc) HPD asks you to call the Central Dispatch number 24/7.  The nearest unit will be sent.  713-884-3131    HPD tracks repeat calls from an address or block.  Be specific about the address (best) or block.  Recurring calls to a specific address are most likely to prompt an HPD investigation.

For recurring neighborhood issues, contact the Montrose HPD storefront during normal business hours:  713-284-8604

Everyone in the neighborhood can play an active role in our security with the help of HPD.  Do not confront a suspicious character.  Leave this to the police.