Stop Cherryhurst Civic Club Closure

Cherryhurst neighbors, friends, and revelers–  

Great meeting tonight with Council member Wanda Adams and Deputy Parks Director, Doug Earle (among others on those teams).  I think I counted 30 of us tonight.

But to all who were there, all who had to leave, as well as those who couldn’t attend, I’m emailing to ask for your help:

We’re down to the wire on getting an extension on keeping this community center open for another year, while we come up with a fiscal game plan. Wanda Adams is going to try to negotiate an agreement with the mayor in which the mayor would approve extending our community center’s “life” for another year while we come up with a game plan for funding the center. This plan, which might include our filing for 5013C non-profit status, renting the center, possibly splitting operation hours and programs with River Oaks, raising funds, and cutting dollars, would be presented to the Council next year. But the goal for the moment is to buy some time –one year– and create this plan.  

So— in order to get the mayor to buy in on this, we’ve got to press on — with letters and emails and shows of attendance.  The next week or two are critical.  They vote next week.  Wanda Adams said she will push this plan — that we be granted another year– but she needs us to put out a great show of support at the Parks Department budget meeting THIS THURSDAY, JUNE 9, AT 2:00.  This is the day for discussing the Parks Department’s fiscal budget. (Wanda’s assistant is going to do his best to confirm tomorrow that 2PM or so is “roughly” when we’d be discussing the issue so that we’re not sitting around all afternoon. He’ll get back to us if that changes.)   

Wanda beseeched us… implored us…. BEGGED us to show up in numbers at the Council meeting this Thursday. Without a strong show of support, she loses a lot of leverage.  She said that just saying  “I’m speaking on behalf of X number of my neighbors” does NOT make an impact on the Council; however, Cherryhurst residents showing up and sitting in the audience does. We need to continue to put ourselves on top of the Parks agenda… and the mayor’s mind.

The Council should  have the budget decided upon either by the end of THIS week or the end of NEXT week. “Debates” about the proposed budget will be on the 21st, but it will be signed, sealed, and done on June 29. 

So, please: show up if you can.  We don’t want to see this center boarded up, and our days are numbered for buying time. So far, 5 of us have committed to show up on Thursday (2 or 3 of us are speaking; the other 2 will be there for moral support). However, we need many, many more.  

If you can go, and can grab some retirees to go, too, can you let us know?  We will be meeting on the steps of City Hall (by the reflecting pool, on the building’s east side) at 1:45.  And for anyone who would like to speak at the meeting, we’ll have a very quick meeting tomorrow evening from 6-6:30 at Carol Rensink’s just to recap the key points we need to make, according to Wanda Adams. 

SO, WHO’S IN?  I’m in, and I’m driving Larry and Lillian.  ANYONE ELSE COMING?  Come on… now’s the time.  WE NEED YOU!  FIRE UP THE CHERRIES!  

-Mary Michael

Mary Michael Townsend

1802 Cherryhurst St.

Houston, Texas 77006

cell: 617-653-5315


Deed Restriction Signing – 5/21 – 9-10a






Drop by for some coffee, a donut and to sign the new deed restrictions.  A notary will be there for the signature collection, so don’t forget your driver’s license

This is a good chance to discuss the new deed restrictions if you have any questions or concerns.

Anne Hawkins – 713-206-0733

Greg Purser – 713-828-2638


The Mandell Place Civic Association will host a coffee social Saturday morning April 9, 2011 from 9:30 to 11:00 at 1631 Marshall Street.  A general meeting will take place during the last half hour of the social.  Coffee, juice and pastries will be served.  Feel free to bring along a favorite morning snack you’d like to share. 

Bill Bartlett has generously agreed to co-host this event again at his home.  Bill, the block captain for 1600 Marshall, is an avid collector of rare orchids.  He has one of the most spectacular collections you will ever see.  The coffee social provides an opportunity to visit with our neighbors, discuss upcoming plans and welcome new residents to Mandell Place. 

The general meeting will give everyone a chance to catch up on news around the neighborhood and discuss plans with the deed restrictions.  A notary will be on hand to begin signature collection for the new deed restrictions.  We need signatures from 51% of Mandell Place owners before filing the document with the city.  Bring your driver’s license for the notarized signature.

Review the new deed restrictions by clicking the link below:

MPCA 2011 Deed Restrictions

MPCA Social – Membership Kick-off Sunday January 30th 5-7p

The Mandell Place Civic Association will host a membership kick-off social Sunday, January 30th, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.  The social will be at 1651 Kipling Street.  Please join your neighbors for drinks, mashed potato ‘martini’ bar and socializing.  Bring your 2011 tax deductible dues along with a completed membership form.  The form may be printed from the ‘Membership’ section of the website.  Forms will also be available at the social.

Vote for the new HEB store design

The Neartown Development Forum will be held October 30th from 9 am to 1 pm at St. Stephen’s Church, 805 W. Alabama in Pecore Hall (in the back of the building).  HEB has drafted three designs for the proposed store to be constructed at the corner of West Alabama and Dunlavy.  HEB has asked the neighborhood to participate in the final decision of the store design.  The Forum is open to the public.  If you are interested in participating in the store design, swing by and cast your vote.



   Tuesday October 5th 6-8 p.m.

   1537 Harold Street (at Mandell)


Join the neighborhood for National Night Out.  Mandell    Place    Civic Association will host the event at the corner of Harold and Mandell Streets.  Drinks and snacks will be provided.  As always, your favorite treats are welcome to share! 

Established in 1983, this event heightens crime prevention, generates support for crime prevention, strengthens neighborhood-police partnerships and provides the opportunity to meet your neighbors.   

Volunteers are needed for Citizens on Patrol, a neighborhood watch manned by residents and supported by the Houston Police Department.  We need 10-20 participants to patrol a combined total of 30 hours per week.  Details at the meeting. 

Call HPD central dispatch  713-884-3131 if you see or hear anything suspicious.  We can be a great asset to neighborhood security.  Store the phone number in your cell phone.

MPCA General Meeting 9/13/10 7:00p Security/Deed Restrictions

The Mandell Place Civic Association will hold a general meeting Monday September 13th at 7:00p.  The meeting will be held at the Bering Church Room 108-A.  Officer Wayne Pate from the Montrose HPD storefront will be on hand to discuss security in our neighborhood.  Everyone is encouraged to attend in a unified effort to keep crime out of Mandell Place.   

The second half of the meeting, expected to last an hour, will include a discussion of our existing deed restrictions and proposed additions to preserve the residential integrity of our neighborhood.  The board will present considerations for side setbacks, rear setbacks, height restrictions, front yard fence standards, number of units per lot and making the minimum lot size permanent.  Your ideas and input and encouraged in an effort to maintain the charm of our neighborhood.

MPCA Summer Social 8/29 from 6:00 to 7:30p

Mandell Place Civic Association Summer Social

Sunday 8/29 – 6:00 to 7:30p – 1502 Kipling Street

Cool off with ice cream and cold drinks.  Your favorite summer treats are always welcome!  Come and visit with your neighbors after the hot summer sun sets. 

There will be road resurfacing petitions at the social.  Stop by and sign the petition for your block to be repaved.  Petitions require 75% of the owners on each block to sign for submission to the City of Houston Public Works Department.  Let’s set the wheels in motion to improve our streets.


The Mandell Place Civic Association is having a party on January 10, 2010 celebrating Montrose’s selection as one of the TOP TEN great neighborhoods in America.  Join your neighbors at 1602 Harold (side street gate entrance) Sunday evening from 5-7 for drinks and light appetizers!  Feel free to bring your favorite snack to share.  The party will also kick off the 2010 membership drive.   You may pay your dues at the party Sunday.  Let’s start the year off with a bang!

2009 National Night Out

Texas participates in 2009 National Night Out on October 6th.  Residents of Mandell Place are invited to join your neighbors at 1504 Harold Street from 6-8 pm.  Mandell Place Civic Association will provide beverages.  You are encouraged to bring a favorite snack to share.  A representative from the Houston Police Department will provide information about keeping our neighborhood safe.

2009 National Night Out is the 26th anniversary of a campaign involving citizens, law enforcement, civic groups, businesses and local officials in an effort to:  heighten crime prevention; generate interest and partcipation in anticrime programs; strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and send a message to criminals that our neighborhood is organized.

Come out Tuesday, October 6th, to visit with your neighbors and participate in making Mandell Place a great place to live.