VOTE TODAY * Sat 12/10/11 * for City Council At-Large Position #2 and #5

Former Texas Rep. Kristi Thibault and businessman Andrew C. Burks Jr. each want to represent At-Large Position 2. They were the top two vote-getters of the 10 candidates who ran the November election. In November, Burks got 17 percent of the votes compared to Thibault’s 16 percent of the votes.

The most high-profile race is for the At-Large Position 5 seat. Attorney Jolanda “Jo” Jones is battling former Board of Education member Jack Christie. In November, Jones finished with 39 percent of the vote to Christie’s 33 percent.

The 1500 block of Mandell Place votes at Bering United Methodist Church.  The 1600 block of Mandell Place votes at Lanier Middle School.  Polls are open from 7a to 7p.

City Council District C Candidate Forum Wed. 9/21 6:30p

This Wednesday 6:30 pm at St. Stephen’s Church Pecore Hall, Mandell Place will jointly host a District C Candidate Forum with Winlow Place, Lancaster Place, and Dearborn Place. 

City council district lines have been redrawn.  Wanda Adams, of District D, will no longer be our council representative.  Mandell Place now lies in District C. 

Candidates running for City Council District C are:  Ellen Cohen, Brian Cweren, Randy Locke, Josh Verde, Karen Derr.

Come at 6:15 if you are interested in speaking with Mike Hogan of the Public Works Department about potential drainage issues along Dunlavy. 









 Mandell Place Civic Association is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse candidates for political office.

2011 MPCA Board Elections

Elections were held for the 2011 Mandell Place Civic Association board of directors in November.  The 2010 board of directors were nominated and elected to their positions for 2011.  Board of  directors for 2011 are:

President  –  Greg Purser

Vice President  –  Julius Salamone

Treasurer  –  Tanner Page

Secretary  –  Mary Shepard and Ed Lynch

You can link to board members via email through the ‘Contact’ tab on the MPCA website home page and then clicking their name.  Many thanks to the board and committee members for their time in 2011 and 2011.

2010 MPCA Board of Directors Election

MandellLogoElection of the Mandell Place Board of Directors will be held in November.  Board member positions are president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.  Candidates are nominated through a committee organized in October.  If you would like to participate in the nominating committee, contact a current member of the MPCA board or sign up at the 10/06/2009 National Night Out meeting at 1504 Harold from 6-8 pm.  Nominations are also accepted from the floor at the general election in November.  Residents of MPCA must be current on membership dues in order to run for a board position or vote in the election.  2009 dues are accepted up to the time of the election.  The 2010 elections will be held in the Bering United Methodist Church.  The election date and time will be determined at the end of October.  Residents will be notified via email.  Check the MPCA website for election details, as well. 

Harris County Commissioner

The Mandell Place Civic Association is in Harris County Preinct 1.

Click HERE to go to the official Harris County Precinct 1 Web Site.

Contacting Precinct 1
Neartown Office
1413 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77026



Precinct 1 Downtown Offices

1001 Preston
9th Floor
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: 713.755.6111
Fax: 713.755.6114

Precinct 1 “Know Your County Government Packet”
Click here to go get the Precinct 1 Guide to Understanding County Government.

City of Houston City Council Member

The Mandell Place Civic Association is in City Council District D and is currently represented by Wanda Adams, who was first elected to City Council in November 2007.

Click HERE to go to the official City of Houston Councilmember, District D website.

Contacting District D

900 Bagby
1st Floor
Houston, TX 77002



E-Mail District D

Council District D Activities

– Economic Development Project
– Advisory Council
– Chocolate Bayou Festival
– Housing Initiative
– Education Initiative

District D Newsletters
Click here to go to the District D news release site.