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Architecture Center Houston walking tours take place Saturday mornings 10am–noon. Descriptions, locations and scheduled dates are listed below. You can visit the AIA Houston Events Calendar for a listing of all upcoming ArCH events.

Tours are $10 for AIA Houston and ArCH members. $20 for non-members.

We also offer special group tours for corporations, community groups, students, and conferences. If you are interested in a special group tour, would like to be added to our mailing list, or have any other questions, please contact Mat Wolff, or 713-520-0155.


HPD Positive Interaction Program (PIP) Holiday Party 12/6 7p

Houston Police Department Central PIP will host a holiday party 7 pm December 6th at 1602 State Street, on the western edge of downtown.  PIP provides citizens exposure and interaction with the police through monthly meetings.  The Central PIP includes Mandell Place.  HPD and their Montrose store front have been great friends and advocates for Mandell Place.  Office Pate oversees the HPD Montrose storefront.  See his email below for details and his invitation.  The PIP meetings are always interesting and informative.  Show your support of local police at this annual event.

PIP Background:  In 1982, out of the patrol division came the idea that citizens also need to know more about their police department before a crime occurred in their neighborhood. From this idea came the concept of the Positive Interaction Program, “PIP.”  The Positive Interaction Program holds monthly PIP meetings featuring speakers from different divisions (Burglary and Theft, Homicide, K-9, Helicopters, etc.) explaining how their division operates. This is done so citizens will know what to expect, should they ever need the police. The Program has proven to be an overwhelming success.

From: wayne pate <>
To: Wayne Pate <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 2:25 PM
Subject: Dec 6, 7pm CENTRAL PIP
Please don’t forget December 6, 7pm our Central PIP Holiday Get Together.  I’m really expecting to see you there.  I have been doing some BIG TIME talking to venders and getting some nice food for us.   I always have left overs.  I don’t want to have to throw anything away.  So that means that you will have to come on a empty stomach and eat.

Last year, we had some lamb over rice from Alladins.  Cabbage rolls, stuffed from Niko Nikos,  Greek Pizza,  Sandwiches from Barry Katz’s Pasta from Michaelangelos and Sorrentos.  And thats not all.  You missed out on some real good food.

Officer Mark Leija and myself are looking to have a nice turn out of our citizens.   We both try real hard to do the best that we can for 1 and 2 district.  And this is our way of saying Thank You to all of you.   So you better be there.  hahahah

MPCA National Night Out Tues 10/04 Thanks!


National Night Out


Catered by Pappasito’s

1651 Kipling Street – 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.


Many thanks to Charles Lambert for arranging and hosting the Mandell Place 2011 National Night Out.  It was a great event catered by Pappasito’s with perfect weather.  About 100 Mandell Place residents were on hand for the evening.
















City Council District C Candidate Forum Wed. 9/21 6:30p

This Wednesday 6:30 pm at St. Stephen’s Church Pecore Hall, Mandell Place will jointly host a District C Candidate Forum with Winlow Place, Lancaster Place, and Dearborn Place. 

City council district lines have been redrawn.  Wanda Adams, of District D, will no longer be our council representative.  Mandell Place now lies in District C. 

Candidates running for City Council District C are:  Ellen Cohen, Brian Cweren, Randy Locke, Josh Verde, Karen Derr.

Come at 6:15 if you are interested in speaking with Mike Hogan of the Public Works Department about potential drainage issues along Dunlavy. 









 Mandell Place Civic Association is a non-partisan organization and does not endorse candidates for political office.

Neartown Transportation Forum – Sat 9/17/11 9:00a -12:30p

Saturday, September 17, 2011, 9:00a

Neartown Transportation Forum at University of St. Thomas Jerabeck Athletic Center

Neartown Transportation Forum
Following three successful Development Forums, the Neartown Association is hosting a Transportation Forum the morning of Saturday, September 17.  The Forum will take place in Scanlan Hall, on the second floor of the Jerabeck Athletic Center on West Main between Graustark and Yoakum.  Early registration begins at 8:45a with coffee and breakfast treats from the Empire Cafe.   The Forum provides an opportunity to talk with City of Houston and METRO officials about mobility challenges in our area, learn about projects in the works and do a little dreaming about what could be.  Don’t miss it!

Issues most directly relating to Mandell Place are the proposed elimination of the West Alabama center alternate direction lane and lifting of the TOTAP (trucks over two axles prohibited) provision along West Alabama to facilitate the new HEB store at Dunlavy.

Download the University of St. Thomas Campus Map.

Lost Weimeraner

A neighbor has lost an adult male Weimeraner (grey short hair, cropped tail).  The dog’s name is Rex and was wearing a purple collar w/o tags.  He escaped from the backyard Monday night, September 5th.  If you have seen the dog, please call his owner, Tyler, @ 713-657-5084.

Houston Water Restriction

On August 16, 2011, Mayor Parker implemented a ‘Stage Two’ water conservation plan with mandatory outdoor irrigation restrictions.  Properties with even number addresses may water on Thursdays and Sundays.  Odd number addresses may water Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Watering is allowed between the hours of 8 pm and 10 am.  This means even numbers water Thursday/Sunday from midnight to 10 am and 8 pm to midnight.  Odd numbers water Wednesday/Saturday from midnight to 10 am and 8pm to midnight.  All visible leaks must be repaired within 72 hours.  The city plans to issue warnings for first offenses and then fines of $150.

At the 8/23/11 Neartown meeting, Jeff Weatherford, Deputy Director of the City of Houston Public Works and Engineering, reported the dry shifting soil has caused underground waterlines to burst throughout Houston.  As of this Tuesday, there are over 1,000 reported water leaks on the city log.  More leaks are reported every day.  The city is working overtime to repair this unusually large number of leaks.  Excessive water usage from sprinkler and irrigation systems places a large stress on the system.  Jeff Weatherford said the water restriction is for sprinkler and irrigation systems.  Hand watering with a hose is currently not prohibited but the city recommends limiting use to the restriction schedule.

MPCA Summer Social – Sunday 8/21 5 to7p

The end of summer is drawing near and it’s still hot outside!  Join your neighbors Sunday August 21th from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

We’ll have lots of ice cream and cool drinks to beat the summer heat.  Feel free to bring your favorite summer goodies.

The owners of 1612 Hawthorne have a kid friendly fenced front yard and will have a child’s moonwalk, sidewalk chalk and lots of toys on hand.  Patty Cake, of Luby’s fame, will be at the social with balloon animals and face painting.  Bring all the kids!!!

***** A notary will be available to sign deed restriction documents.  Don’t forget your drivers license. *****

Stop Cherryhurst Civic Club Closure

Cherryhurst neighbors, friends, and revelers–  

Great meeting tonight with Council member Wanda Adams and Deputy Parks Director, Doug Earle (among others on those teams).  I think I counted 30 of us tonight.

But to all who were there, all who had to leave, as well as those who couldn’t attend, I’m emailing to ask for your help:

We’re down to the wire on getting an extension on keeping this community center open for another year, while we come up with a fiscal game plan. Wanda Adams is going to try to negotiate an agreement with the mayor in which the mayor would approve extending our community center’s “life” for another year while we come up with a game plan for funding the center. This plan, which might include our filing for 5013C non-profit status, renting the center, possibly splitting operation hours and programs with River Oaks, raising funds, and cutting dollars, would be presented to the Council next year. But the goal for the moment is to buy some time –one year– and create this plan.  

So— in order to get the mayor to buy in on this, we’ve got to press on — with letters and emails and shows of attendance.  The next week or two are critical.  They vote next week.  Wanda Adams said she will push this plan — that we be granted another year– but she needs us to put out a great show of support at the Parks Department budget meeting THIS THURSDAY, JUNE 9, AT 2:00.  This is the day for discussing the Parks Department’s fiscal budget. (Wanda’s assistant is going to do his best to confirm tomorrow that 2PM or so is “roughly” when we’d be discussing the issue so that we’re not sitting around all afternoon. He’ll get back to us if that changes.)   

Wanda beseeched us… implored us…. BEGGED us to show up in numbers at the Council meeting this Thursday. Without a strong show of support, she loses a lot of leverage.  She said that just saying  “I’m speaking on behalf of X number of my neighbors” does NOT make an impact on the Council; however, Cherryhurst residents showing up and sitting in the audience does. We need to continue to put ourselves on top of the Parks agenda… and the mayor’s mind.

The Council should  have the budget decided upon either by the end of THIS week or the end of NEXT week. “Debates” about the proposed budget will be on the 21st, but it will be signed, sealed, and done on June 29. 

So, please: show up if you can.  We don’t want to see this center boarded up, and our days are numbered for buying time. So far, 5 of us have committed to show up on Thursday (2 or 3 of us are speaking; the other 2 will be there for moral support). However, we need many, many more.  

If you can go, and can grab some retirees to go, too, can you let us know?  We will be meeting on the steps of City Hall (by the reflecting pool, on the building’s east side) at 1:45.  And for anyone who would like to speak at the meeting, we’ll have a very quick meeting tomorrow evening from 6-6:30 at Carol Rensink’s just to recap the key points we need to make, according to Wanda Adams. 

SO, WHO’S IN?  I’m in, and I’m driving Larry and Lillian.  ANYONE ELSE COMING?  Come on… now’s the time.  WE NEED YOU!  FIRE UP THE CHERRIES!  

-Mary Michael

Mary Michael Townsend

1802 Cherryhurst St.

Houston, Texas 77006

cell: 617-653-5315


Deed Restriction Signing – 5/21 – 9-10a






Drop by for some coffee, a donut and to sign the new deed restrictions.  A notary will be there for the signature collection, so don’t forget your driver’s license

This is a good chance to discuss the new deed restrictions if you have any questions or concerns.

Anne Hawkins – 713-206-0733

Greg Purser – 713-828-2638